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Movie Review: Laila Majnu

The eternal love story of Laila and Majnu has fascinated people over the centuries across several countries. In Bollywood itself, some 4-5 films have been made on the lovers, that too since the time of silent films era. Now Imtiaz Ali presents a film on this topic directed by his brother Sajid Ali in association with Ekta Kapoor. Imtiaz is known for his intense love stories and has shown obsessive characters in the past and Laila-Majnu’s tale is also on similar lines. So does LAILA MAJNU manage to do justice to the spirit of the story and turn out to be a great entertainer? Or does it fail? Let’s analyse.

LAILA MAJNU is the tale of two darlings who are not bound to be as one. Laila (Tripti Dimri) is a young lady in Srinagar who's a tease and likes consideration from folks. One day she finds Kaes (Avinash Tripathy), a Casanova who has quite recently come back from London. Laila at first is repelled with Kaes' stalking yet gradually she succumbs to him. Both begin longing for a future together. Be that as it may, things wouldn't be simple. Laila's dad Masool (Parmeet Sethi) is in a quarrel with Kaes' dad Ghulam Sarwar Bhat (Benjamin Gilani) with the previous affirming that the last took away his property by false means and assembled a five star inn. Thus, the dads of both Laila and Kaes get outraged on getting some answers concerning their relationship. At the request of Kaes, Ghulam goes to meet Masool to ask Laila's turn in marriage. Masool anyway embarrasses him. A war of words follows between the two. Masool chooses to get Laila to Ibban (Sumeet Kaul), his confided in protégé. Kaes endeavors to figure out how to stop this marriage. However, when he's not ready to discover any, he arrives up at the wedding. He asks Masool to stop the marriage and when the last doesn't concur, Kaes affronts him. Laila gets irate and requests that he take off. Kaes leaves in outrage. What occurs next structures whatever remains of the film. Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali's story attempts to do equity to the real story of Laila and Majnu. In any case, Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali's screenplay is hard to process particularly in the second half. Likewise it gives a sensation that this has happened before of ROCKSTAR [2011]. Subsequently, the freshness component gets defaced since watchers have just observed it previously. Be that as it may, there are places where the insanity crosses all limits and it is unconvincing. Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali's exchanges are anyway viable. Sajid Ali's course is very useful for a beginner and he unquestionably appears to be roused by sibling Imtiaz. He keeps watchers connected yet he neglects to accomplish mass interest for his film. LAILA MAJNU's starting inspires blended response. The character of Laila is introduced in a special way yet to demonstrate her as a tease is unconvincing. The arrangement of Kaes peeing at a similar spot where Laila is covering up is disturbing and one marvels why the essayist composed such a scene. Things show signs of improvement once Laila and Kaes begin seeing each other. The scene where Ibban takes after Laila and Kaes is very sensational and same goes for the arrangement where both the dads meet. The recess comes at a critical point. Post interim, the film goes on an alternate track as Kaes changes into Majnu. This bit will undoubtedly go bouncer for a ton of gatherings of people as the portrayal of his wildness is outrageous. The film additionally closes on an unconvincing note.

Performances however are exemplary. Avinash Tripathy delivers a confident and a very impressive performance. As Kaes, he’s efficient but as Majnu, he goes on another level. And it doesn’t appear like a caricature. This is no easy feat. Tripti Dimri does a great job in playing the vivacious Laila and again, knows where to draw the line while enacting. In the second half however she gets limited screen time. Sumit Kaul is the surprise of the film. He plays his part very nicely and he’s sure to get noticed and talked about! Parmeet Sethi and Benjamin Gilani deliver decent performances. Sahiba Bali (Laila’s sister) is fine. Others do a good job. Joi Barua and Niladri Kumar’s music is indispensable to the film. Not all songs are memorable but they add to the impact. ‘Hafiz Hafiz’ is the best of the lot as it is in sync with the crazy happenings in the film. ‘O Meri Laila’, ‘Tum’, ‘Sarphiri’ and ‘Gayee Kaam Se’ are soulful and melodious. Hitesh Sonik’s background score is also very nicely done. Sayak Bhattacharya’s cinematography is spectacular. Kashmir has been captured in a lot of films but never like this. Niharika Bhasin Khan’s costumes are very authentic and same goes for production design. Editing is simple and neat. On the whole, LAILA MAJNU is embellished with some fine performances but it is not meant for the mainstream audience. Also with very little buzz surrounding the film, it will be a challenge for the movie to register impressive numbers at the box office.

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