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“Simply no one from Bollywood is Helping Tanushree Dutta, they are simply teaching sympathy” says Rakhi Sawant

Earlier this week, Tanushree Dutta shook the industry when she alleged that veteran actor Nana Patekar harassed her during a shoot. Following her revelations, a few from the industry took to Twitter to show their solidarity and express their disdain regarding such acts. However, Rakhi Sawant, who has been unleashing a slew of videos on social media proclaiming her love for Mike Tyson, recently held a press conference wherein she called Tanushree a blatant liar. If that wasn’t enough, Rakhi also stated that no one from Bollywood was supporting Tanushree, instead they were just showing their contempt for such matter.

Explaining her view Rakhi first questioned how such an incident can happen when on sets amid hundreds of people. Later talking about Bollywood celebrities supporting Dutta she added, “No Bollywood celebrity is supporting Tanushree Dutta. They are simply showing their sympathy. They have not seen what happened since this is a 10 year old story. So what they have done is remained neutral, they showed their sympathy that such a thing happened, because if they don’t, then you the media would say, ‘See this person doesn’t care about what happens’. This is why all they said was that it was sad that such a thing happened, if it did happen. They are not saying this because it is Tanushree Dutta. They would have said it had it been for anyone.”

Further talking about the same, Rakhi went on to add, “Nowhere have they (the Bollywood celebrities) said that Nana Patekar was wrong, or what he did was wrong. Now they cannot say that because he (Nana) did nothing wrong. And if he (Nana) wanted to do something like this he would have done the same with me, or for that matter so many other actresses he has worked with. Why would he single out Tanushree? In my opinion Tanushree did not want to do that particular track, she wanted to take drugs and get high. Even today I will tell the US immigration to check her (Tanushree) bags and see what all you will find. Check her blood and see how many drugs you will find”.

Moving on from the song sequence, Rakhi next spoke about Tanushree Dutta attacking people like Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan for working with Nana Patekar. “She isn’t worthy of being part of this industry, she keeps asking why are people still working with Nana Patekar, why? Are you jealous that all of them are getting work and now you…You has abused drugs so much that you have bloated up, you have destroyed so many homes in America and then you come here? Are you such a ‘Sati Savitri’? Because the whole Indian community in America knows what you are and what you do there, how you steal, how you take drugs, and live in other peoples’ houses.”


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