We had to do a double take at this new clip of Henry Cavill! The teaser for his Netflix film, ‘The Witcher’ has him looking like a ‘Lord Of The Rings’ character, & fans aren’t exactly happy.

Courtesy of Netflix

Henry Cavill, 35, is set to play the role of Geralt in the forthcoming film, The Witcher, but fans think that his character is giving off Lord of the Rings vibes more than anything else! After seeing a first look teaser for the movie, fans are drawing comparisons between Henry’s look, and Orlando Bloom’s Legolas character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary LOTR series. Unfortunately, the comments aren’t exactly filled with Praise. “he looks like a sad mix between lucius malfoy and legolas they did him so dirty,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “l was cautiously excited but he just looks so stupid with the hair that l can’t take it seriously anymore. Swing and a miss,” another wrote, after seeing the teaser.

Still – a select few fans found positive things to say about Henry’s character. “Henry Cavill with this hair is even hotter than Orlando Bloom with Legolas hair,” one praised. “Shiiiiiitttttt I’m all over this train. Not only is Cavill a great actor, but he’s a pure Witcher fan, having both read the books and played the games. That gives him a lot of credibility and insight to the role IMO,” another wrote. But – most comments were negative overall. “Busy with what? This bullshit, you just copy Legolas halr and dye it. Cancel this nonsene,” one scathingly wrote. “My first reaction to the image was: so this is what you get when you mix a quarterback frat boy with Legolas,” another even said.

Netflix has also announced the casting for a number of The Witcher’s key characters. Twin Peaks’ Eamon Farren will join as intelligence officer Cahir, Knightfall’s Joey Batey will play Jaskier the bard, House of Cards’ Lars Mikkelsen is Stregobor the Kovirian wizard Stregobor. While the film doesn’t drop until 2019, we are so ready for this!

Henry might be giving off major Legolas vibes here, but we have no doubt he will make one epic Geralt! While there’s not a specific date for release just yet, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.