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Rajinikanth supports Sabarimala verdict but also issues a warning; says #MeToo shouldn't be misused - read tweet

The Sabarimala controversy has been raging down South. While women are protesting against the temple's rule of not letting them enter, the temple board is adamant that they won't let women enter, as that has been the case ever since the temple was built. After the women who tried to visit the temple were turned away due to the vehement protests, the Kerala Devaswom Board has now decided to approach the Supreme Court to discuss the issues being faced in implementing the verdict

While it remains to be seen if she will be allowed to enter or not, the movement has received support from Rajinikanth. Taking to Twitter, Rajini wrote that he supports the verdict. However, he was also quick enough to issue a warning along with it, asking women to follow tradition while doing so. He also commented on the #MeToo movement and asked women to not misuse it.
Check out his tweet here:

As of now, it is really difficult to say if the temple board and the priests there, along with the protestors, will agree to let women enter the temple premises but since a verdict has already been passed in their favour, it remains to be seen as to how much longer will they be able to stop the women from entering the temple. Obviously with support from famous people like Rajinikanth the women might be able to garner more support and ultimately look at winning the battle. But will more film stars and politicians take a stand? We will be here to tell you if they do.


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