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Rakhi Sawant: Tanushree Dutta Took Drugs On The Sets Of Horn OK Please, Was Unconscious For Hours

Rakhi Sawant dropped a bombshell by saying that Tanushree Dutta took drugs on the sets of Horn OK Please in 2008 and was unconscious for many hours. If that was not enough, Rakhi accused Tanushree of taking her to 3 rave parties 10 years ago and said that she personally saw Tanushree consuming drugs there. Rakhi thrashed Tanushree by saying that she's accusing Nana Patekar just for publicity and is upset that nobody is giving her the attention that she needed.

Tanushree Dutta Consumed Drugs On The Sets Of Horn OK Please

Rakhi Sawant stated that Tanushree Dutta "consumed drugs and was consequently unconscious for four hours on the set." When asked if she has proof for the same, she confidently said a yes. Tanushree Dutta Took Me To Rave Parties, She Consumed Drugs There, Says Rakhi Sawant

"10 years ago when she claimed that the incident took place with her, I was there, I used to accompany her to parties and she had taken me to rave parties 3 times. At those parties, she doped in front of me and even offered it to me. Because of her even I had taken it (drugs). Thank God I ended our friendship otherwise even I would have to go to rehab and become bald."

Tanushee Is Not Getting Attention, Thus Blaming Innocent Men & Trying To Rob Them!

"Nana Patekar and Raj Thackeray have not given attention to Tanushree Dutta. She tried her best to rob them, this was just a publicity stunt for a passport, Visa or a bank account or even if it's for her Bollywood comeback. They did not give her any attention so now she feels that she should target me. Now she wants publicity on my name and is gone to court. I will give a befitting reply in court."

I Will File A Rs 50 Crore Defamation Case Against Tanushree Dutta Tanushree Dutta
had filed a Rs 10 Crore defamation case against Rakhi Sawant for calling her a "liar" and now Rakhi Sawant stated that she'll go ahead and file a Rs 50 Crore defamation case against Tanushree Dutta for calling her a "lower class girl."

Innocent Men Are Being Harassed For Money In The Name Of #MeToo:

"It is not going in the right direction. Various girls are coming and taking advantage of the movement and without facing harassment, are accusing innocent men. I feel bad for those women who have actually suffered sexual harassment and they won't be heard because of girls who are lying,'' said Rakhi Sawant.