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Sundeep Kishan's 'Kannaadi' shows you your real impression

We’d earlier reported that Sundeep Kishan and Thirudan Police director Caarthick Raju are coming together for a supernatural film that will change its genre every few minutes — like a shape shifter of sorts. The latest on that is that the film’s been titled 'Kannaadi' and it’s in the post-production stage.

Caarthick says, “When I sat down to write a horror script, I decided to do away with all the clichéd elements — the old candle-lit bungalow that doesn’t have invertors, scarred faces and a revenge backstory. I know that if I come up with a story on these lines, I’d be trolled on social media. That’s why I decided to make a movie that’d start on a horror note, but dive into other genres after about 15-20 minutes. So, there’s mystery, emotion and, then, humour in the film.”

Interestingly, the team had initially decided to name the film after a Rajinikanth film. “We’d decided on Adhisaya Piravi, but since this is a Tamil- Telugu bilingual, we wanted to come up with an easily adaptable title. Also, we wanted something original for the title,” he says. Talking about the significance of the title, the director adds, “We can hide our mistakes from others, but not from our conscience. A mirror will show you your real image. A few months ago, an accident on OMR killed a software professional.

The driver of the vehicle that hit him didn’t realise that while the person is dead, the deceased’s wife and newborn back at home will have to suffer the consequences of his action for a lifetime. We can be careless, but if our action affects another person, that’s unpardonable. The script is on these lines and hence, we’ve called it Kannaadi. A mirror also plays an important part in this film. Sundeep and Anya Singh play MBA students, and the mirror becomes an integral part of their lives.”


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