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Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta starrer Bhaiaji Superhittt now faces more problems before release

All those who have been following up with the Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta starrer Bhaiajji Superhittt would be aware that the film is finally releasing this year. While it was announced way back in 2012, almost six years before, it has faced many setbacks including financial troubles. Now that all of it was left behind, the makers were happily gearing up for a release finally but it seems that their dreams are shattered yet again with co-producer Fauzia Arshi taking legal action against the team of the film.

Recent reports have it that Fauzia Arshi has accused the makers of not abiding by the promise. She has reportedly sent a legal notice to Chirag Dariwal, director Neeraj Pathak, Sunny Deol and also the music company Zee. In the same, she has alleged that she put in Rs. 5 to 6 crore initially in the film when it was expected to be made on a budget on Rs. 26 crore. Later, Fauzia claimed that Neeraj had approached her once again regarding the finances of the film wherein he had allegedly stated that it has been increased further to Rs. 40 crore.

According to Arshi, that’s when the director Neeraj Pathak had confronted her about having Chirag Dariwala as the producer of the film when the latter agreed to give financial backing to Bhaiaji Superhittt. Fauzia further elaborated that she was initially given a cheque of Rs. 4 crore by Dhariwal whilst returning her investment which bounced. Furthermore, she was also supposed to receive Rs. 1 crore during the release which too she has asserted that she doesn’t have it. Eventually, Fauzia has maintained that the makers owe her approximately Rs. 10 crores along with interest.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of Chirag Dariwala has refuted all the allegations in these reports. According to them, Chirag was always the producer of the film and Fauzia joined in later by paying Rs. 2.5 crore by cheque. However, they claimed that the cheque bounced and also that she was in the film only for five days after the shooting commenced. They have assured that she was not involved in the entire process and that the whole movie is shot by them.
Bhaiaji Superhittt is slated to release on October 19, 2018.


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