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Super 30: Hrithik Roshan To Quit Working With Vikas Bahl After Sexual Harassment Allegations Surface

It looks like Hrithik Roshan is all set to cut ties with Super 30 director Vikas Bahl after allegations of sexual harassment are mounting on him. Kangana Ranaut was the first to allege that Vikas Bahl made her feel uncomfortable on the sets of Queen in 2014, as he tried unruly advances on her and another actress, under the cover of anonymity revealed to Pinkvilla that Vikas forcibly kissed her and pretended that he was drunk.

Hrithik Roshan took a strong stand at these allegations and tweeted that he might stop working with Vikas Bahl in Super 30 if the allegations against him turn out to be true. He took to his Twitter handle by saying, "It is impossible for me to work with any person if he/she is guilty of such grave misconduct. I am away and have access to only sporadic information. I have requested the producers of Super 30 to take stock of the apparent facts and take a harsh stand if need be. This is not to be hushed or brushed under the carpet. All proven offenders must be punished and all exploited people must be empowered and given strength to speak up."

It's good to see Hrithik Roshan taking a stand against sexual harassment and while all the other celebrities only voice their opinions on matters like these, Hrithik Roshan is walking the talk by distancing himself with the offender and will have him sacked if the allegations turn out to be true. Finally, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Both Vikas Bahl and Nana Patekar are in hot soup currently, as they've been accused of sexual harassment. It looks like the #MeToo movement is slowly catching up in Bollywood, as actresses are calling the offender by name, which didn't happen previously, fearing they might not find work in the industry.


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