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"The Director Wanted Me To Sleep With Him" - Yashika Aanand Shocking Revelation!

The Me Too movement has been a trending and path-breaking movement that is currently being supported by a lot of people all over. Many celebrities have spoken about their horrific experiences with sexual harassment and also taken to calling out the offenders.

Now, the next actress to share her unfortunate experience is Yashika Aanand.

In a recent interaction with the press, Yashika was asked about her opinion on the Me Too movement and the following is what she had to say:

"Me Too is a very big movement which is going on and it is something all women face in various industries. Even I have faced this. I had an experience where I went to meet a big director. He is like a father to a big hero in the industry. I didn't talk about it before because I found it hard to cope with it. When I went for the audition, he told my mother to ask me to wait outside and then told her that he wanted to sleep with me if I had to get the role.

When this happened, I was wondering why we should compromise to become big in the industry and why these people misuse their power. Now, when everybody is coming together to get against this, I am glad and I will definitely support this movement. We have to be an example in this."