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Bigg Boss 12 November 25 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Srishty Rode EVICTED, Sreesanth makes a huge revelation

Salman Khan announces Srishty Rode's journey of Bigg Boss 12 has come to an end and that she is evicted this week.

    Source: Twitter

After an intense Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan, another episode is here and the housemates look all happy. To brighten up their day, Bigg Boss arranges some fun activities in the house. TV actresses Kamya, Anita and Surbhi among other celebs enter the house. They also enact each contestant and this leaves everyone in splits of laughter. With the episode being all entertaining, let’s not forget that tonight’s Bigg Boss 12 weekend ka vaar episode will witness another eviction after Shivashish.

10:00 PM: Salman Khan announces Srishty Rode's journey has come to an end and that she is evicted this week. Post Srishty’s eviction, Romil and Surbhi get into an argument over latter being partial. The two raise the point of their argument that happened during Sultani Akhada. Tomorrow’s episode will see Sreesanth will be making a huge confession about match-fixing. The former Cricketer breaks down into teaser as he shares the story that left his family and him depressed. He also shares how there came a point he wanted to give up on life. He also shares that he never did match-fixing

9:40 PM: Surbhi and Romil fight against each other in Sultani Akhada. Romil wins first argument round with majority votes from the housemates. Karanvir gets into the ring against Romil on behalf of Surbhi for the second round. Romil wins Sultani Akhada task with three points. Salman Khan then welcomes Colors family to the stage. Kamya, Anita and Surbhi Jyoti join the actor on the stage. Anita and Surbhi Jyoti fight to pull flower garland into Salman Khan’s neck but the actor says that this can’t happen so easily. He asks the Naagin 3 actresses to prove themselves through verbal fight. Both of them win the task. Surbhi and Anita then dance to Jag Goomiyan with Salman Khan.

9:35 PM: Salman Khan congratulates Sreesanth for winning the task. He also wishes Sreesanth’s son a Happy Birthday. Singer Hemant Brijwani joins Salman through TV to interact with the housemates. Salman asks each contestant to dedicate one song to their co-contestants. Dipika dedicates ‘Khudko Kya Samajta’ song to Rohit which is sung by Hemant. Jasleen dedicates ‘Bholi surat dil ke khote’ song to Deepak Thakur. Deepak dedicates Bihari song, “Lipstick” song to Somi Khan. Sreesanth dedicates “Ek Haazaron Mein Meri Behana Hai” song for Dipika Kakkar. Finally, Salman requests Hemant to sing “aa dekhe zaara kismet kitna hai dum’ song.

9:25 PM: Sreesanth performs to Muqabla Muqabla song and leaves everyone surprised with his exceptional dancing. Impressed by his performance, Kamya and Anita join him to dance again. Romil Chaudhary raps in his style and also describes each contestant in one word. After fun question round, Kamya Punjabi announces Sreesanth as the winner of the task. Naagin 3 actresses big goodbye to the housemates after playing some fun tasks.

9:15 PM: Kamya Punjabi recreates the act of Megha when she threw chappal on Deepak Thakur. Salman then asks actors to get back to their original personalities. The garden area is all decked up with contestants welcoming the new guests of Bigg Boss house. Karanvir and Rohit perform on the song, ‘Desi Boyz’ with Kamya, Anita and Surbhi being the judges of the fun task. Next Deepak Thakur sings Kailash Kher’s ‘Teri Deewani’. Anita pulls Deepak’s leg and questions who he has dedicated this song to. They even ask Somi Khan what she has to say about Deepak’s singing.

9:00 PM: The episode starts with Salman Khan lipsing to the title track of his film, Sultan with singer Hemant Brijwani (winner of Rising Star). Salman Khan also asks the singer to sing his favourite song Dil Diyan Gallan from Tiger Zinda Hai. The superstar host reminds the viewers that one nominated contestant will leave the house. Television actors enter the house and enact as the contestants. The TV stars take over the house for few hours and step into the shoes of each contestant.


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