New fan art shows what could have been if Chris Hemsworth was cast in Aquaman and Jason Momoa in Thor. Both Disney and Warner Bros. have turned an incredible profit by adapting several key characters from the pages of comic books. So far, Marvel has ended up being a bit more successful with their film adaptations, but DC currently has more release dates secured than Marvel does. Despite both companies varying success with adapting certain characters, most of the casting decisions have been widely accepted by fans.

Chris Hemsworth was first cast as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe back when his character got a solo film in 2011. Hemsworth went on to become one of the six original Avengers in 2012, when Marvel Studios released the highly anticipated team-up film The Avengers. While the actor has had other acting gigs since he was cast as Thor, Hemsworth has remained dedicated to the MCU by appearing in two Thor sequels, two Avengers sequels, and even making a cameo appearance in the mid-credits scene for Doctor Strange. Momoa on the other hand is relatively new to the superhero genre, first appearing as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Momoa would also reprise the role for a bigger appearance in Justice League, before getting his solo film which is set to debut in a little less than a month. Now that both actors have become known for their superhero roles, people are imagining what Momoa and Hemsworth would look like if they were to swap characters.

On Twitter, digital artist BossLogic unveiled two impressive pieces of art; one of Momoa as Thor, and the other of Hemsworth as Aquaman. Part of his ElseBothworlds series, the artist has used his skills to imagine what several Marvel actors would look like if they were cast in the DC film universe, and vice versa. BossLogic has also done artworks of Ben Affleck as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. as Batman, and Scarlett Johansson as Wonder Woman.

While the majority actors and actresses have been well-received in their Marvel or DC superhero roles, some have received a lot of fan backlash when they were initially cast. Gal Gadot received a lot of criticism when she was initially cast as Wonder Woman, with people claiming that she wasn't strong enough to play the role, or that other actresses would have been a better fit. Likewise, Affleck received a lot of hate when he was cast as Batman, with the internet going crazy with Batfleck memes. That being said after their movies were released, most people realized they were wrong to be worried.

While fans have little control over who gets cast in a superhero role, people often create fan casting groups online and share artworks much like the ones above of Aquaman and Thor. Hemsworth and Momoa might have not received as much hate when they were cast in their respective films, but they really could have been great in each others' roles. Needless to say, if Warner Bros. and Disney ever reboot their superhero universes, they will know who to cast as Thor and Aquaman.