Gravity Pictures recently confirmed that there have been plans of making a sequel to 2018 science fiction action thriller The Meg. The film was based on a book series by Steve Alten and featured Jason Statham and a team of unfortunate oceanographers as they struggled to restrain not one, but two giant prehistoric sharks that were accidentally released.

 The Meg poster

Deadline reports that producer Catherine Xujun Ying confirmed that the production house had plans of making a sequel to the thriller. She added that the new project was in "the very early stages" of development and the team were working hard to keep things under wraps. The report adds that producer Belle Avery had purchased the right to the books that the film was based on and The Meg themed amusement parks were already in the making in China. These point towards Gravity Pictures betting on The Meg to proliferate into a full fledged franchise.

The narrative depicted the two sharks, who had managed to avoid extinction and evolution owing to them being trapped in a warmer portion of the Mariana Trench. They were surrounded by a frigid layer of ice which served as an impregnable shield.

The Meg grossed $100 million worldwide in its first weekend, and went on to earn $500 million ever since its release. This was a huge jump from the original budget of the film, which was set at a budget of $150 million.