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Sonakshi Sinha accused of cheating, her group CLARIFIES on the problem

~Sonakshi Sinha, and her group is facing some shocking allegations created by a meeting organizer. The Content ~Phirr Bhag Jayegi, celebrity, who was likely to perform at a meeting in Delhi, apparently didn't continue her commitments and the organizers possess spoken to the press pertaining the same. However, her group has clarified on the problem in the media reviews now.

According to reviews, Sonakshi Sinha was likely to perform at a meeting in Delhi. As the event was kept at night, the actress was likely to fly to the administrative centre in a 10 am flight. According to the organizer’s declaration in current reviews, the celebrity cancelled the trip at the last instant and rescheduled it to 3 pm but eventually didn’t turn up for it. They also claimed that they had paid Rs. 37 lakh charges which included her charge and also her teams’. However , the organizers claim that the actress refused to perform even after the same despite his constant persuasion. They reportedly also experienced told her about the huge losses the company would incur if she refused.

On the other hand, the team claims that the remuneration wasn’t paid to ~Sonakshi Sinha, as per the deal. Their other allegations included that the event team was disorganized and are now maligning Sinha’s image in the media. As per an official statement released by them, they said, “Sonakshi was approached by the event organizers in Delhi to attend an event. However, despite repeated reminders, the organizer failed to make the payments to Sonakshi before the event as contracted. The tickets to Delhi were not in order/as were agreed, the organiser also didn’t send return tickets for Sonakshi and her team, despite knowing that she experienced a shoot the next morning after the event. This put everyone in a tough spot. Several attempts were made to contact the organiser requesting them to make the contracted payments and send the tickets, however they remained incommunicado and didn’t live up to their finish line of the bargain. ”

The statement went on to read, “ Due to a lack of commitment by the organiser, Sonakshi and her team were left with no choice but to return home from Mumbai airport. Ever since that day, Sonakshi’s management agency has been trying to attain out to the organiser to look for an amicable option to the level of offering another date and tried for connecting but to no get. The organizer is using the media release a false and manipulated facts now. If the organiser doesn’t visit this, Sonakshi and her team will be forced to have a legal plan of action to create this straight. We request media never to let anyone make use of their platform without looking at the known facts. ”


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