Movie Review: Luka Chuppi

Bollywood Hungama: 3/5
The performances in the film are of tall order. Sushant Singh Rajput’s entry scene is such that you might not even notice him, since he’s standing amongst the other gang members and he looks just like them. No attempt to stand out or shine! This itself is quite praiseworthy. Of course later, he gets to shine and proves yet again that he’s one of the finest actors around. He is quite endearing in the scene where he’s showing his magic trick. Bhumi Pednekar has a late entry but once she comes in the narrative, she rocks the show. This is unlike the other rural or semi-rural characters she has essayed and gives a praiseworthy performance. Manoj Bajpayee overpowers everyone in his special appearance. One wishes he had a longer role. Ranvir Shorey too does fine.
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Timesnownews (by Gaurang Chauhan): 4/5
And finally, Ranvir Shorey nails it. To see him play a dacoit character with ease after watching him in several urban films is a revelation here. Playing a hot-headed rebel, Ranvir Shorey often steals the show. But, his character gets sidelined in the second act which pulls you out a bit. Having said that, watch out for the scene when he goes to meet Lachchu. I wonder why we don't see of him often in movies. Other actors too have done a great job. Casting director Honey Trehan has done a fab job with the actors.

Timesofindia (by Renuka Vyavahare): 3.5/5
Staying true to his style, Abhishek Chaubey gets into the heartlands of India to take a closer, gritty look at those who think they have sinned. What lies beyond their rebellious deeds and what goes on in their minds as they stare death in the face, forms the story.