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Filmmaker Kabir Khan, is looking forward to the release of his documentary ROAR OF THE LION

Filmmaker ~Kabir Khan, who's looking towards the launch of his documentary ROAR OF THE LION, offers described it while a vintage tale of triumph of the individual spirit. Getting together with the press at the unique screening along with article writer Kausar Munir, Kabir Khan said, "This story is amazing." The tale is about how exactly a couple of men in yellowish jerseys wrote among India's greatest comeback tales beneath the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. On Tuesday but the filmmaker said, "It isn't about cricket. You are thought by me can take away cricket and replace it with kabaddi. It's the tale that stands through."

"They would have questioned - how it could happen that a team banned does not only make a comeback but also wins the tournament. So, ultimately that's what drew me into this story. It's a classic story which shows triumph of the human spirit."

Shot across multiple locations including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Australia, this is a finite story of six episodes of 30 minutes each.

Shot across Indian locations - from Chepauk Stadium in Chennai to Dhoni's hometown of Ranchi, the story weaves in a narrative never seen before created by master storyteller Kabir Khan. It also marks his debut in the digital space. It is a co-production by Dhoni Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Banijay Asia. And comes just in time with the 2019 IPL season kicking off with the first match on March 23 between defending champions CSK against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Kabir Khan is also working on a film titled "83", which revolves around Indian cricket team's 1983 World Cup win. Asked whether it was a coincidence that he was working on two back-to-back cricket stories, Kabir Khan said, "What I believe is that I have two huge and amazing human stories running back-to-back with me.

"There are a lot of similarities. I think the Indian cricket team that won the 1983 World Cup landed up there in England where nobody were expecting them to win. Then, how they fought against all odds and went on to win the Cup. "It is also a story in certain sense - when you are banned and you are thrown out of the wilderness and then against all odds you go on and again win 2018 IPL tournament.

"So, in that sense, there are similarities and they both are amazing human stories and it's just a coincidence that they happened to be cricket."