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The Zoya Factor Movie Review

The Zoya Factor Movie Rating

The Zoya Factor Movie Synopsis:Born in India on the same day that India entered the World Cup in 1983, Zoya is regarded by her parents as a fortunate blessing in gaining games, although she has gully cricket. But Zoya discovers herself in a mess when the Indian baseball leadership wants to register her as a fortunate logo for the current squad.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review:The junior copy writer Zoya (Sonam Kapoor), who is in an ad agency, will be sent with the Indian cricket team for a photographic ad. The captain of the Indian hockey squad Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan) met Zoya as soon as his crush hit him. But quickly, she'll eat the whole squad out of her fingers because she will tell her story about her lucky variable at dinner. And by the way, the poor squad won even the next few games. And thanks for it, they have their lucky charm.

While Nihkil depends exclusively on self-belief and difficult practice, his crew is progressively attracted to Zoya for their fortunate charm— which Nikhil firmly disinclines. There's a problem when Zoya and Nikhil begin meeting, but the leadership group likes her as the happy mascot of the squad.

Dulquer Salmaan shines charming oodles like Nikhil in his second Hindi film trip. When we saw him as the understated, nearly nerdy (and very nice) Avinash in his Bollywood movie' Karwaan,' Dulquer comes all out with his hunky, playful avatars like Nikhil, in' The Zoya Factor' Dulquer takes the display from friendly to serious, as he is totally great in his portrait.

Sonam Kapoor suits into her position like a glove as a goophy senior copy writer. Sonam's comic timing is like Zoya is on the screen most of the film in between her kissing guys and attempting to save her lazy life. And, together, the chemistry of Sonam and Dulquer works and grows on you.

Director Abhishek Sharma offers us a romantic comedy with a light heart that touches all the correct points. The atmosphere here is breezy and feel-good. An interpretation of the book of Anuja Chauhan with the same title. Even some unlikely times are amusingly well addressed. Anil Kapoor takes that fleeting picture at the time in a cameo. Another main actor in the group, Angad Bedi and Robin, have scored well with Sanjay Kapoor as the dad of Zoya. As Zoya's sibling, Sikander Kher draws away some good movie times. Special note for the cricket review that is totally hypocritical. Shankar Ehsaan Loy's enjoyable album and the backdrop results contribute to the atmosphere.

The Zoya factor is an enjoyable, funny movie that combines superstition with approach and authenticity against chance. And it delights to make a very nice, amusing movie from India's cricket craze.