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Devaki Movie Review

Devaki Movie Rating
STORY: Devaki is a single parent living in Kolkata, who is raising her daughter Aaradhya. One evening, Aaradhya goes missing after she goes for auditions at a radio station. Devaki, helpless, sets out to find her, while stumbling upon some horrific sights and truths about child trafficking in Kolkata.

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Average Ratings: 4.0/5
Score: 100% Positive
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Review By: Sunayana Suresh on TOI (Rating 4.0/5 ):

Devaki is not the usual outing that one would go to. It can leave one teary-eyed, especially towards the end of the film. If you're looking for a hatke experience that brings in something new, then this is for you. PS: This is not a remake of Kahaani as people speculated, instead is a new story altogether. [Read More]

Review By: Vijaya Karnataka (Rating 3.5/5):

Priyanka Upendra's acting is spot on. They carry the entire picture on their shoulders. Dusra cannot talk about Kishore acting. He also portrayed himself as a Versatile actor. Aishwarya, the daughter of Upendra and Priyanka, also played a part in the film. Bengali actors are also in the cast along with Kannada artists. They have all done their job neatly. Yes, there are minor mistakes in this movie. Still, this movie is a must watch for the mother's atrocities. [Read More]

Review By: Naveen Ms on Filmibit (Rating 4/5):

The story begins with the missing daughter from the mother takes on a different dimension. The journey of adorable search is thrilling. Another twist is when you get nothing. The entire cinema takes place in Kolkata. There is a lot of cinema on the red light area, prostitution, kidnapping of girls and so on..... Another highlight of the film is the twists. The elements that make up a suspense cinema need nothing. There are minor mistakes, but the viewer will not be bothered by it. Who stole the idols? The search is done by the audience watching the movie.[Read More]