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Kabir Singh Movie Review

Kabir Singh Movie Rating
STORY: Kabir Singh is an official remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. The film charts the journey of a short tempered house surgeon Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor), whose obsession for his girlfriend leads him on the path to self-destruction. Can he come out of the dark world that he creates for himself

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Average Ratings: 3.25/5
Score: 100% Positive
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Review By: Ronak Kotecha on TOI (Rating 3.5/5 ):

The film’s conflicts in the second half start becoming repetitive. The pace of the film becomes an issue with a runtime that is undeniably long. Thankfully, the realism and build up to Kabir’s deterioration is well executed and so is the practical support that he gets from his family. Writer-director Sandeep Vanga Reddy, who also helmed the Telugu original, makes his hero vulnerable but not weak enough to feel sorry for.
Film’s music compliments the narrative with its soulful renditions in the background. While Kabir Singh is a welcome change from stereotypical love stories, this kind of love affair needs some getting used to. Through his protagonist, Sandeep bets all his cards on his leading man, making sure you either love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him. [Read More]

Review By: Manjusha on gulfnews (Rating 3.5/5):

This electrifying couple — who have a tendency to slap each other several times when frustrated — may also make you wonder if they need a therapist more than love in their lives. While the first half is filled with episodes of a swashbuckling Kapoor acquiring his trophy girlfriend, it’s the second half of the film that hooked me in. Kabir’s fall from misogynistic grace is well-captured and actor Soham Majumdar as his supportive, enabling best friend complements him. All the actors in this well-cast film do their bits to elevate this love story. While the film doesn’t explain why Preeti finds Kabir desirable, a lot of screen time dwells on why Kabir yearns for the woman of his life. But there’s no denying that these two have good chemistry between them.[Read More]

Review By: Anita Iyer on khaleejtimes (Rating 3/5):

"I am not a rebel without a cause," he tells his dean (Adil Hussain) when questioned about the brawl at an inter-collegiate football match. Strongly attracted to Preeti, Kabir pursues her with the same aggression. As we see their love story unfold, you won't understand why this passive, ever-silent girl meekly follows him when he asks her to skip classes or to ride a bike with him. At one point, he even kisses her without her consent and takes the onus upon him to find her a 'fat reliable' friend, he thinks is fit for her. Considering it is a one-sided attraction, the entire sequence looks like a subtle form of ragging. It is only after a Holi incident when Kabir fights and confesses his love for her, that the girl finally responds to his advances. She finally speaks in the film and they end up making love soon after.[Read More]

Review By: MAHWASH AJAZ on masala (Rating 3/5):

Kabir Singh is a good watch mainly because of how well the main character is balanced by Shahid Kapoor. Vanga doesn’t lose sight of the journey and doesn’t forget that amidst all the existentialist dilemmas and song placements, he’s telling a modern tale of a toxic male which cannot be justified but has to be told in an entertaining, compelling way. And that it does! [Read More]