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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rating
STORY: his continuation of the X-Men franchise and sequel to 'X-Men Apocalypse' focuses on Jean Grey’s powers.

Review Summery:
Average Ratings: 2.5/5
Score: 90% Positive
Reviews Counted:3

Review By: Neil Soans on TOI (Rating 3.0/5 ):

During a rescue mission in space, Jean Grey is hit by a mysterious cosmic energy that heightens her powers. This transformation makes her unstable and extremely dangerous. Now she doesn’t merely pose a threat to her X-Men family, but the world at large. The X-Men need to choose between saving her and saving the rest of humanity.
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Review By: Robert Daniels on 812 Film(Rating 1.5/5):

The “creative” forces involved in Dark Phoenix probably, and disturbingly, see their film as a feminist statement when it uses feminism as an Easter Egg. The result: a tonal mess. Dark Phoenix, for the second time (X-Men: The Last Stand), is misrepresented, poorly written, and stunted in a cinematic form. Worse yet, the shredding of her character comes in a film no one wanted: the fans, the cast, maybe even the studio. The whole affair has the tentpole building obligation of talking to your cousins at Christmas dinner, except with cheaper lights.[Read More on 812 Film]

Review By: RAdam Patterson on Film Pulse (Rating 3.0/5):

The epic finale to the X-Men saga that began with 2011’s X-Men: First Class has finally happened, but despite the promise of a fiery conclusion with Dark Phoenix, it instead fizzles out with no gas left in the tank.[Read More on Film Pulse]